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Formerly in the business world, Bill Waldorf has an MBA from Yale University, a Master’s in Counseling from Georgia State University, and a license for Professional Counseling (LPC) in Georgia. He has specialized in career development since 1996, and has been awarded the title Master Career Counselor (MCC) from the National Career Development Association.

Bill’s work in career development draws from real-world knowledge gained from his earlier experience in international business, non-profit organizations and corporate America. He now works at his passion and profession: helping others find work that fits them. In the career field, Bill has been a career counselor, coach, teacher, outplacement coordinator, and speaker/communications consultant within organizations.

His own career path is proof positive that conscious career planning can result in career satisfaction and fulfillment. What clients have mentioned of their work with Bill: “Much more than I came in expecting!” “Brilliant!” “I found out exactly what I needed.” “The work we did has meant so much to me.”

For more information, call 770-442-9447 ext.14, or email him.


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