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Young people often need support when making first educational and career choices. It can be stressful when you are asked to make decisions which will impact the rest of your days when you have little “real life experience,” and no clear understanding of how to make the best choices. Career testing and coaching shows you a specific career exploration method that will help you make those challenging decisions.

You will receive a detailed in-depth report outlining your interests, aptitudes, values and personality style with suggested educational and career choices. You will learn a lot of about yourself, and how to research these options. Parents can take an active role as resources and encouragers and are often invited to test results feedback sessions.

Expert coaching advice and a clear structure will guide, focus, and teach you the skills of career planning which will be useful to you for the rest of your life. Career testing and coaching can assist with:

        • Choosing a college major which is in harmony with your interests,
          values, personality and aptitudes.

        • Investigating other career and educational options if college
          is not right for you.

        • Making an educational or career choice which matches your
          true strengths and is compatible with such challenges as
          ADHD or learning disabilities.

Career testing and coaching can help you make solid career choices, the ones that are right for you. Having to change majors, career goals or schools can be costly and harmful to your self-esteem. Career coaching, when you are young, can teach you skills that will help you build a firm foundation for success.

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